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Meat For Tea won an award through Bookbuilders of Boston in their 2015 58th annual book show!
There is a full listing of the winners here.
(Click here to see the prior winners' list, including Meat For Tea, in the 57th annual book show!)

An interview with Elizabeth MacDuffie at Fuse National

A splendid review of the Tripe issue from The Potomac Journal.

An article in The Recorder, Greenfield, MA., about the Straw Dog Writer's Guild Editor's Panel.
Elizabeth MacDuffie was on the panel.

A lovely review (direct link) of the Fond issue from New Pages.
Please click here for a direct link to their current reviews.

Interview with Elizabeth MacDuffie in The Recorder, Greenfield, MA.

Interview with Elizabeth MacDuffie in The Daily Hampshire Gazette's ID page.
(Click Here for her husband's ID page. He does the layout for the magazine...)

Interview with Elizabeth MacDuffie on Six Questions For on Blogspot.

Interview with Elizabeth MacDuffie and MC Rob Murphy from Connecting Point on Vimeo:


A great writeup on Meat For Tea's 9th anniversary Cirque
from Ken Maiuri's Clubland column in The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

A complimentary article/interview (save for the renaming of Meat For Tea's editor)
regarding Meat For Tea's 8th anniversary issue and Cirque
from The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

A nice article on Meat For Tea's 7th anniversary issue and Cirque from Mass Live.

A review of the Bone issue from New Pages.

A great mention of the 7th anniversary from New Pages.

A review of the Chamomile issue from New Pages.

An article about Meat For Tea on Northampton Media.

A nice mention of the 3rd anniversary show from examiner.com.


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